“At a time when mobile phones were the size of radios and video calls were the stuff of science fiction, the wearable tech revolution was already taking shape. Casio were one of the earliest pioneers. Back in the 80s, their ‘smartwatch’ (a glorified calculator that you could play a few games on) was considered to be the height of cutting-edge technology.

Over the last four or five years, however, the phrase ‘cutting edge’ has been redefined dramatically. Virtual reality (VR) has become more creative and mind-blowing than ever, augmented reality is being used in every industry from the military to healthcare and technology is being woven into the very fabric of the shirts on our back. Despite these evolutionary leaps, however, wearable tech is still in its infancy.

With every tech giant from Apple to Microsoft investing billions in the sector, there are undoubtedly new developments on the horizon. We’re particularly excited about what the wearables revolution means for the events sector – both in terms of the experience for attendees, and the detailed data organisers will be able to collect”

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