The start of a new year is a time for growth and innovation, and we want to facilitate that for event professionals. As such, we’re excited to announce that new features will be added to Flock Eventing Platform this year!

“We feel these are going to be a significant change to our platform – one that will give event planners the ability to do more for more industries,” says Mike Lysko, CEO and Founder of Flock.

Let’s take a look at what these updates are!


What’s New for Flock

These updates will help us with our move to become a fully SaaS product.


Payments & Ticketing

Attendees will be able to purchase tickets featuring QR codes, while the organiser can manage sales and create custom invoices from the Flock platform. We’re initially integrating with NetCash – a local payment provider – but will be adding more payment methods in the near future.

WhatsApp Integration

This integration will allow for seamless communication between planners and attendees. Instead of an SMS, you’ll now be able to send out a WhatsApp, which is more cost-effective and convenient.

Advanced Reporting

We’re upgrading our analytics to enable event organisers to better plan for future events. You’ll now be able to track the various events that guests attend, what content they were interested in and sentiment on the event itself, allowing you to better target and invite people to your function.

Enhanced Emailer Design

Another upgrade for an existing tool, this feature is now more user-friendly and offers more design functionality. Event planners can quickly create beautiful mailers, with an easy-to-use interface.

White-Label and Customisation

Get ready for the ultimate in brand customisation! The white-label feature allows enterprise clients to have their own, branded version of the Flock platform. This is a wonderful solution if you want to have full content management systems labelled under your own brand. You can also do this as an agency and offer it to your own clients.


Tell us what you want to see

While these updates are in the early stages of development, we’d like to hear what you think needs to be included in these new features. Drop us an email here, with the subject line New Product Features 2022.

These upgrades will be able to expand the possibilities for event professionals who use our product, and we can’t wait to see what people achieve. “We continue to strive toward being the go-to, comprehensive tool for event planners,” says Mike, “and we’re excited to grow together with our clients.”


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