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Use our RSVP platform to simplify event attendee management through an easy-to-use event dashboard. Trusted by 600+ clients in 36 countries.
  • One central space to manage delegates’ information.
  • Maximise ticket sales revenue.
  • Software to personalise communication & increase engagement.
  • Easy-to-use attendee management software.
  • Attendee management solutions that save time and money.
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RSVP Platform Features

Personalised and Customisable

Our RSVP software management solutions enable you to create personalised invites that reflect your brand. We create beautiful and professional emailers that include GIFs. You can customise your RSVP forms so they are engaging and capture important attendee information. We create print badges with QR codes and set up iCal reminders. Our RSVP event registration software can be set up to include SMS reminders to attendees.
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Beautiful Event Landing Pages

We create event landing pages customised to your brand. Design your landing page or use the templates provided as a tool to complete the design. We ensure that your page is accessible on digital devices. Landing pages provide attendees with all the information needed, including:

  • Time
  • Place
  • Agenda
  • Speakers

Our expertise in attendee management enables us to create pages that generate conversions. Additional features include downloadable PDFs and videos, and access to live streaming. We integrate the landing page with the mobile app.

Ticketing & Attendee Management

Our ticketing and attendee management services include:

  • Tickets with multiple payment options.
  • Invoices that are automatically generated upon ticket sales.
  • Communication services to attendees on the guest list.
  • Guest list management that sorts attendees by lists, for example, Invited, Confirmed, and Checked In.
  • Forms and fields for attendees to enter relevant information, for example, dietary requirements.
  • Reports on online registration and event check-in for onsite and virtual attendees.
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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You will be assigned a Customer Service Manager who provides advice regarding services that best fit your requirements and reporting tool or tools that provide relevant pre-, during, and post-event information. Service managers are responsible for the emailer campaign that advertises your event. They regularly update the event page. They manage the guest list and communicate with attendees so they have the relevant information and have provided the information necessary to accommodate their needs.

Audience Intelligence and Reporting

We provide analytics and reports from your event. The information you’ll receive includes:

  • The number of attendees who checked in.
  • The frequency of time of attendees arriving.
  • Session attendance.
  • The sessions which were the most popular.
  • Guest details, including names, dietary requirements, accommodation needed, and sessions booked.
  • The number of landing page views.
  • Emailer analytics for the number of emails sent, delivered, and opened, and bounce rates.

Clients & Testimonials

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    RSVP Platform FAQ

    How do I know if Flock's RSVP Platform is suitable for my event?
    Our RSVP platform is flexible and customisable, guest management software that suits any company or organisation running an onsite, hybrid, or virtual event. You benefit from flexible pricing plans that cater to a variety of budgets. Our prices are scalable according to any added value and RSVP software support your event requires. Our services are available to event planners, associations, marketing managers, PR and communication companies, and digital agencies.
    How is Flock different from other RSVP platform providers:
    • We offer an end-to-end platform from the demo of our services to post-event guest list reporting.
    • You get a customer success manager who is responsible for the emailer campaign and all related information, including RSVPs and guest list management.
    • Our turnaround times are quick.
    • Our services are affordable.
    • Our service has a Net Promoter Score of 86%.


    What typically happens after I enquire about an RSVP platform?
    When you submit an enquiry one of our sales team will get in touch either by phone or email to schedule an online demo of our services or discuss your RSVP management requirements. We’ll create a quote based on your needs. Upon acceptance of the quote, we will schedule a kick-off meeting to discuss your brief in more detail, including realistic timelines, content creation, and artwork requirements.

    Once we receive the artwork and guest list, it takes 12 – 24 hours to get the RSVP platform service up and running.

    Once the project is completed, we’ll send analytics of the event so you can see how successful it was. We also send a survey for you to tell us about your experience with our company.

    How do we ensure a high RSVP turnout?
    A high RSVP turnout can be ensured by creating an effective invitation strategy. This includes crafting an attention-grabbing invitation with clear information on the event date, time, location, and purpose. Additionally, using targeted marketing channels like email, social media, and phone calls can help increase awareness and interest in the event.
    How do we manage RSVPs and attendee data effectively?
    Utilising a reliable event management platform can help streamline the RSVP and attendee data management process. The platform can be used to send invitations, collect RSVPs, track attendance, and gather feedback. This can help the client stay organised and on top of the event logistics.
    How can I improve ticket sales using Flock’s Event RSVP Platform?
    There are several strategies you can use to increase ticket sales using Flock’s Onsite RSVP platform:

    1. Utilise social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used to promote your event and drive ticket sales.
    2. Offer early bird discounts: Offering discounts to attendees who purchase tickets early can be an effective way to drive ticket sales. You can use Flock’s ticket pricing feature to offer Early Bird pricing and set a deadline for when the price will increase.
    3. Leverage email marketing: Email marketing is a powerful tool for promoting your event and driving ticket sales. Use Flock’s email marketing feature to send targeted messages to your contact list with event details and a call-to-action to RSVP and purchase tickets.
    4. Use Analytics to Optimise Your Strategy: Flock’s analytics feature provides valuable insights into attendee behavior and engagement. Use this information to optimise your marketing and ticket sales strategy, such as adjusting the timing of marketing campaigns or changing ticket pricing to better match attendee preferences.

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