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Our mobile event app delivers smooth and engaging events from the palm of your hand. Trusted by 600+ clients in 36 countries.
  • Our mobile event platform enables you to manage your event from anywhere in the world
  • Benefit from real-time event info within one easy platform
  • Keep attendees updated and engaged
  • Use our simple event management tools to enjoy seamless integrations
  • Deliver ROI for attendees and sponsors
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Mobile App Features

Fully Customisable

Our mobile event platform enables you to create polished, engaging, and on-brand experiences by leveraging our feature-rich mobile app. Choose from over 30 features to customise the look and feel of your event app and enhance attendees’ participation. You can personalise your event communications with professional invites and beautifully designed mailers, as well as generate and print QR code badges all in one place. This reduces the cost of marketing and event hosting tools and streamlines the rollout of your event.

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Manage Event Assets From One Platform

Plan, organise, and manage all your event content from the mobile app, including:

  • The programme line-up
  • Speaker profiles
  • Live streaming of sessions
  • Presentations
  • Downloading the event’s content & agenda
  • Access to media files
  • Access and download maps & floor plans

In-App Live Streaming

Our event management app is suitable for virtual, hybrid, and onsite events. Enjoy high-quality live streaming that enables attendees to watch their chosen presentations from any device, anywhere in the world, without having to download additional software. Request a demo to see how in-app live streaming can add value to your event.

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Engage Attendees with 30+ Integrations

Keep your attendees wanting more with our extensive range of features, engaging tools, and functionality. Our toolkit includes more than 30 features and integrations:

  • In-app networking
  • Push notifications
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Real-time updates
  • Exhibitor ratings
  • RSVP management

Smart Insights and Reporting

Monitor your event’s ROI by measuring success at multiple touchpoints. Our comprehensive analytics and reporting features include:

  • Total app downloads
  • Downloads per device
  • Top-performing content
  • Exhibitor ratings
  • Speaker ratings & comments
  • Q&A interactivity
  • Live poll data
  • Sponsor banner views
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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

A Dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you from start to finish so you get the most out of the platform and its event management features. Your manager ensures that the brief is clear and gives you advice regarding content creation, features, and analytics. Our managers help you tailor your event app so you get the tools you need to optimise functionality and maximise attendee engagement. Additional benefits include accounts with app stores, push notifications, downloadable brochures, and real-time content updates. We also provide a post-event report.

Clients & Testimonials

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    Mobile App FAQ

    How do I know if Flock's mobile app is suitable for my event?

    Our mobile event app is flexible and customisable, making it suitable for any company or organisation to host an onsite, hybrid, or virtual event. We offer flexible pricing plans for a variety of budgets. Pricing plans are scalable according to the added value and support you require. The types of clients who typically take advantage of our event management tool include event planners, associations, marketing managers, PR & communication companies, and digital agencies.

    How is Flock different from other mobile eventing app providers:
    • Our solutions are affordable with flexible pricing plans.
    • We assist with the setup of virtual, onsite, and hybrid event apps and provide content updates.
    • Our app features and solutions are user-friendly and easy to navigate.
    • Our comprehensive services for virtual, hybrid, and onsite events are highly rated, achieving a Net Promoter Score of 86%.
    • Our app software can build custom features for clients.
    • We have excellent response and turn-around times.
    What typically happens after I enquire about a mobile app?

    After you get in touch or book a demo, one of our sales team will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule a meeting to conduct the demo or to get your brief. Once your brief has been received, we prepare a quote. Once you accept the quote, we will arrange a kick-off meeting during which we go into detail about the features of the platform specifically suited to your type of event, whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or onsite. We work out reasonable timelines for app creation, taking content and artwork requirements into consideration.

    We maintain communication to keep you updated on the project, including tool and software requirements, and overall progress. This ensures we’re on the right track and are still providing the solutions determined in the kick-off meeting.

    The turnaround time for a listing in the Flock App is approximately 72 hrs and the turnaround time for custom branded apps for virtual, hybrid, and onsite events is 3-4 weeks.

    Once the project is completed, we send a post-event report, including analytics of app usage, along with a survey to determine your experience of our mobile platform, from first contact and event creation to tool recommendations and customer service.

    What features does Flock's mobile app offer to help engage attendees?

    Flock’s mobile event app platform offers a variety of features to help event organisers engage attendees and create a more interactive and personalised experience. The platform’s live polling and Q&A session features encourage attendee participation, making it easy for them to share their thoughts and insights with presenters and other attendees. The mobile app also integrates with social media platforms, allowing attendees to easily share updates and engage with the event’s online community.

     In addition, the Flocks eventing app provides networking features that allow attendees to connect with each other and exchange ideas. The event app’s matchmaking algorithm suggests relevant connections based on attendees’ interests and preferences, creating opportunities for meaningful interactions. The event management platform also offers gamification features such as leaderboards and badges to increase attendee engagement and incentivise participation.

     Flock’s mobile event management app is designed to promote engagement and enhance the attendee experience, resulting in a more successful and memorable event.

    What types of analytics and insights does Flock's mobile app provide to event managers?

    Flock’s mobile event platform provides event managers with comprehensive analytics and insights to help organisers better understand attendee behaviour and improve future events. The app’s dashboard provides real-time data on attendee engagement, session attendance, and sponsorship ROI, allowing organisers to track key metrics and make informed decisions.

     The platform’s analytics also offer insights into attendee demographics and interests, which can be used to inform event planning and marketing strategies. The mobile app’s feedback features allow event organisers to collect feedback from attendees and sponsors, providing valuable insights into their experience of the event.

    Flock’s custom event apps also provide advanced reporting features that can be used to create detailed post-event reports. These reports can include app usage data, session ratings, and survey responses, providing a comprehensive overview of the event’s success.

     Flock’s mobile event app provides powerful analytics and insights that help event managers improve attendee engagement, drive ROI, and create more successful events in the future.

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