Creating a fresh year-end event can be gruelling and tiresome at times. But with this year’s top 5 year-end event ideas, you really can pull off an exciting and memorable time.

5 Year-End Event Ideas

Amazing Race

There is nothing quite like a little bit of friendly competition, right? An Amazing Race is basically a scavenger hunt but on steroids. A decent amount of pre-planning is needed, but a lot can be done. With team-building and cryptic clues, racing to that final destination can be extremely fun. The Amazing Race is a top-notch choice, as the budget can be as reasonable or as exorbitant as you wish.

Add spark to the event by

  • Mixing up teams 
  • Making use of a party bus to get to the different locations
  • Using a Polaroid camera to document findings at each stop
  • Allowing a prize to the winners 
  • Ending the event with an after-party

Go All-Out Casual With a Drive-in Event

There is nothing quite like the smell of popcorn and the reminiscence of cotton candy. Add beer-on-tap and some local food trucks and you will all be in for a treat. This is a great, relaxed year-end function which gives a lot of lee-way budget-wise. Is it an all-you-can-eat or couponed event? Wondering or worrying about the actual driving in part of the event? Why not put up a marquee, add a few comfortable seats, hand out a few blankets and add a few hay bails for the finishing touch?

Casino Night – With an Added Winning Spin

Black-tie casino nights may have been done many a time – but with a few more updates, this really can become a night to remember.

This sophisticated event is definitely one that allows for the mingling of staff, clients and stakeholders. To make things interesting, you can add corporate social responsibility into the mix. Allow attendees to pocket half of their winnings, and the other half be donated to a community or organisation of choice.

Themed Events

Themed events can be a win or near miss. If executed well, they really can be great fun and bring your employees together to celebrate a year well done.

With Alice in Wonderland, a dress-up is a must. Lawn games, gigantic cards, and our favourite – a selection of food illosions, treats and stuff.  Watch as your employees try to fathom how a cake can look like a perfect piece of steak. Or a chilli, a cake!

End the Year With a Retreat

For those who have had a busy year, relaxation may be the perfect way to unwind and revitalise before it all starts up again. Pamper your employees to a weekend away. And why not add a hike or a massage to the mix?

End the Year With a Bang

All in all, congratulate, celebrate and cherish the work your employees have done. Enjoy the moment and don’t forget, have fun.

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