You have spent a lot of time creating significant and memorable events. It can be quite a slog to start at the beginning every time. So why not repurpose as much as you can and save money, hours and ideas – making your job easier and reducing a lot of stress!

Before getting to the actual point of this blog post, there are a few things that you need to take into account prior to the repurposing even begins:

  • Marie Kondo your previous bad ideas. If they didn’t quite have the right effect, or really didn’t hit the mark – rather just leave them in the past.
  • Collect honest reviews from previous event attendees to help pave the way for any future ideas. Identify takeaways, key insights, lessons learnt and highlights.
  • Compile a list of event content – pictures, presentations and speeches to name a few.

So How Exactly Do You Repurpose Events?


First things first – figure out where you want to repurpose your content. Choose platforms that align with your target audience, and not just those that are the easiest or quickest to reuse. Always think of what your goals and desired outcomes of the content are. 

Create Blog Posts (cough cough)

Convert event presentations or speeches into blog posts. Break down the content into smaller, more digestible articles. Each blog post can focus on a specific topic or key point discussed during the event.

Produce Video Clips

Turn your event ideas into shorter clips. These can be used on your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts or even for advert collateral. If you recorded the event, you can even turn it into a series. Delve deeper into topics that can help gain traction, leading to any future deals.

Use snippets to enforce ideas

Use short videos or snippets to show prospective attendees why they should attend future events – wow them with the speakers, workshops and reason why your event is unparalleled. In addition to this, you can add a few testimonials from event attendees to add authenticity.

Host Webinars or Podcasts

If your event was a roaring success, and your attendees want more – take advantage and work on gaining more attention in a short amount of time. Webinars can allow for interaction, presentation and sharing of visuals to enhance your point – but sometimes a short podcast can be just as informative to keep your clients wanting more.


Newsletters are golden, as they can do quite a lot – recycle the content for use in your newsletters to increase your reach. Tell your clients what you offer in small snippets so as to not overwhelm, but rather pique interest for any future ideas, concepts and collaborative opportunities.

We Can Help You to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

By following the above, and being strategic in your approach, you really can make the most of your event content –  reusing, reducing and recycling – long after your event.

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