The digital age is increasingly transforming how meetings are being planned and held. But that doesn’t mean face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past.

We’ve come across this article which describes 8 technology trends being adopted for the MICE industry:

 1. Online bookings

Allowing registration and bookings online for meetings allows for quicker, smoother and more convenient processes all round. From venues to catering, including hotels, restaurants and boats –  wherever the process can be taken online, it makes meetings that much easier to arrange.

2. Augmented Reality

Eventually guests at exhibitions are going to be navigating their indoor spaces with Augmented Reality as this becomes more accessible to oublic each year.

3. Text-based Chatbots

This is increasing in popularity more and more as guests require instant answers to questions at meetings & conferences. incorporating Chat Bots into the digital side of the event allows guests to ask questions & have those questions answered by a bot quickly and conveniently.

4. Digital management systems

Planning events digitally is becoming imperative to keep moving at an increasing pace and automate processes where possible (RSVP management for example), as well as keeping event planning teams on the same page with the various aspects that need to be organised. Not to mention the importance of data and analytics for clients, or knowing what metrics can be measured, and how to improve in future events.

5. Increases in Hacking & added security

With the rise in digital process and planning events digitally, there has been an increase in hacking into secure CRM systems, and event managers do need to be aware and ask the event software providers of their security policies to ensure that they comply.

6. Easier event check-in

In-app registration processes may often be easiest for events, but depends on the type of business meeting or conference being held. Automated check-in terminals, emailed QR codes, anything to make the check-in process easier should be investigated.

7. Create personalised meetings

With the data gathered from digitising your event, richer experiences for attendees can be created, and places that need improvement within the event can be seen quicker.

8. Meetings and gatherings arent going anywhere

Despite the amount of technology that is being incorporated into events, and guests being able to virtually attend events if unable to make a personal appearance, there is still a strong sense that meeting in person, networking and engaging at events and gatherings are certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

Full article can be read here


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