The past year undoubtedly reached a peak for virtual events, thanks to the pandemic. Chances are, online events will likely remain popular even after the pandemic, due to the many benefits they provide to attendees, businesses, and event organisers.

Whether your event is fully online or hybrid, using an event app or online platform can help increase your benefits and ROI (return on investment) even further. 

How your ROI can benefit from online platforms and apps

Reduce costs

Of course, we all know that virtual events are more cost-effective than physical ones. You save time and money by removing the need to travel, your tickets are more affordable for guests, keynote speakers no longer require paid accommodation, and you can reduce the number of employed tech support workers. With an online platform that Flock provides, you already have a tech support team!

Easily garner data

Using a customisable mobile app not only allows organisers to manage an entire event from the palm of their hands; attendees can easily access all the information about the event in one place. It allows them to engage with others and interact with the event, as well as provide useful feedback about the function.

Integrated features such as polls and surveys maximise engagement, but also gain feedback directly from your audience. You have the opportunity to track app downloads, exhibitor ratings, media downloads, and most accessed sessions.

All this information gives you valuable insight into what your attendees resonate with.


Extend your audience

Hosting an event on an online platform tremendously expands your reach. When you aren’t restricted to physical locations, you have the option to reach audiences all over the world. You also have increased speaker choices, as keynote speakers are no longer required to travel.

By large, virtual events are more cost-effective than physical events. Even if you’re hosting a hybrid event, you can increase your guest size by reducing costs for the online attendees. This allows you to reach audiences across financial brackets as well.

On top of this, using an online platform allows you to extend the longevity of your event, using on-demand content. Guests can go back and watch or download recordings, giving them a more flexible opportunity to take part in your event.

As with a mobile app, you can generate reports on attendees’ behaviour and preferences with an online platform.


Contribute to sustainability 

Physical events cause a lot of damage to our planet as well as our wallets! With real-life events, there’s the increase in electricity consumption; CO2 emissions with unnecessary travel, food wastage with catering; and paper and plastic use.

With an online platform or app, you don’t contribute negatively to the environment.

From gathering data to reducing costs, we know that using our customisable mobile app or online platform is the best option for hosting a successful event and increasing your ROI.

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