The world is constantly changing, and navigating these changes can be challenging. This year’s Global Investment Summit was all about navigating disruption. Professionals within the wealth and investment management industry joined from across the globe for this leading investment conference. Attendees heard from some of the world’s top thought leaders, as well as the Nedgroup Investments boutique fund managers, on how they are addressing the current challenges and opportunities.

Choice Content and Speakers

With changes comes lessons on how to do things better and grab new opportunities. The speakers at the Global Investment Summit shared lessons learnt on their journey through disruption. They also covered important topics such as sustainability, behavioural sciences, China, customer experience insights, artificial intelligence, and creativity, to name a few.

The speaker lineup captivated attendees – from Andrew Tarver, founder of Jigsaw, to John Cleese, actor, writer, and producer. 

Flock’s Involvement

The summit was held on the 13th and 14th of September 2021, and we had the opportunity to provide Nedgroup with their event landing page and virtual platform. Our platform made it incredibly easy for the organisers to manage the event and communicate with their guests.

With the use of the virtual platform, guests were able to use polls and provide feedback.

Attendance and engagement highlights:

  1. Day 1 attendance: 1,368 people
  2. Day 2 attendance: 1,160 people
  3. Event turn out: 97%
  4. Polls conducted: 20
  5. Poll responses: 314
  6. Number of emojis used (reactions): 5,203


In Closing

Our team took immense pride in providing the platform for one of the leading investment summits, and we think the event was a huge success. A big thank you to the Nedgroup team for the hours put into making this event memorable.

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