We love that summer has started with a Bang, and we’ve put together a combination of great summer ideas and event hacks for you to keep in mind this Summer for any event, conference or exhibition!

Summer Event Hacks:

  • Don’t stress about the weather, but do have a plan B.
  • If you are planning anything outdoors, do have that plan B ready, maybe a change of date (not likely) but perhaps a change of venue or putting up a tent if the venue allows. Whatever it is, its best to keep your guests updated on any plans (an event app comes in REALLY handy for this ?)
  • Umbrellas for rain or shine, as well as sunscreen should be something to consider in Plan B scenarios – its all about how comfortable your guests are.
  • Don’t forget about venue details such as if there needs to be close parking or transport considerations.
  • Have medical on standby – generally something that will be needed at all events but shouldn’t be left off this list!
  • Plan your event digitally using event using an event management app / online event management platform
  • Provide a professionaly, interactive and fun experience for your attendees with a mobile event app or mobile conference app

Now for some fun summery ideas:

  • Include food trucks and interesting new foods and beverages at your events – include some talking points and some more unique aspects to make your event more memorable
  • Keep your guests as comfortable as possible ? If its hot, give them shade, cold, give them shoulder blankets and umbrellas if its rainy (or have the event indoors)
  • Rent some cool items for the event: props, decorations, table settings, tents, or dance floors can all bring excitement to an otherwise basic outdoor event.
  • Give your event a twist by giving it a theme and relating the food to the theme, incorporate art and activity (maybe designing a t-shirt) and bringing in some competitiveness as well. Try incorporate an outdoor activity in terms of fitness, or team building.
  • Themed goodie bags (who says party packs are only for kids parties?)
  • Create an easily accessibly Summer Survey on your mobile event app to get feedback and ideas for your next event!

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