We had the absolute privilege of hosting the second Africa Food Safety Workshop (AFSW 2022) and it was a roaring success.  This workshop brought together experts within the regulatory food safety space, specifically food testing laboratories and quality infrastructure institutions, food manufacturers, researchers in academia, governmental and non-governmental food control programmes. 

The Event

The workshop’s purpose was to focus on the importance of enabling food safety in South Africa, while reconnecting with industry partners, and food regulatory experts. The event, hosted at the beautiful Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg, gave organisations the opportunity to engage with influential scientists and regulators from across the globe as well as key role players from Africa and the international community. 

Attendees found that the topics were pleasant and fruitful, specifically stating that sessions were insightful and thought provoking. Topics of discussion included: 

  1. Advances in analytical testing
  2. Measurement
  3. SPS and conformity standards
  4. One Health
  5. Capacity building
  6. Sustainable skilling and recognition of capabilities through proficiency testing and accreditation
  7. Risk analysis 
  8. Food monitoring and surveillance programmes
  9. Food safety education
  10. The private sector and stakeholder awareness

Flock’s involvement

We developed and supported AFSW with their own mobile app. The app included practical elements like the programme, a page where attendees could participate in answering poll questions, a social feed to spark conversation amongst attendees, a list of speakers and exhibitors, and many more. 

Mobile App Statistics 

Total downloads – 184
Total Views – 12 182, with the top 2 devices being Android (9 216), and Apple (2962)
Survey Feedback views – 167
Feedback responses – 52

In Closing

The AFSW delivered an educational, innovative event that left attendees feeling well educated. It also created a sense of community amongst the attendees, who all stand together in their responsibility to implement food safety in South Africa.

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