Want to make your event greener? Flock can help.

Event organisers and event managers will find that things are a lot simpler when planning their event digitally and having their attendees use our Mobile Conference / Event App.  However, what really needs a special mention is just how much greener your event becomes when using our event planning software.

There is no need for piles of outdated agendas, floor plans, exhibitor manuals, or informational brochures – all elements that require constant changing to stay up to date.

Gone are the days of folders of important documents or training manuals that need  to be printed out and available on the morning of the event (after being changed last-minute the night before).

The time it took to send out mailers with directions to the venue, and the energy and logistics it required to plan the distribution of information can be substantially reduced and reallocated by just using the app.

The ever-important survey feedback can still be collected, but in an even more efficient way than with paper and pen. You have the option of using our SMS surveys, or simply an icon on your custom app to ask all the questions you need.

Streaming the event via the event app also allows those that would need to otherwise travel far  to participate without needing to spend time and resources travelling at all.

After events, thank yous and other communication can still be sent’out via the event management platform but with absolutely no paper being printed whatsoever – people are contacted instantly, and the environment is not affected.

These are just some of the ways we are making business events and conferences greener.  We are also constantly improving our event management software and mobile event app to allow for easier event planning, and more interactive and networking for attendees at events. Book a demo with us or get a quote to find out more for your next event.

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