One of the things we love (aside from the thrill of helping clients put on epic events) is doing updates. Not dull, run-of-the-mill software updates you imagine an army of tech guys in a basement would be doing. We’re talking about improvements. Making our products better. Making them more effective, efficient, user-friendly and fun to use. Brainstorming and thinking out of the box.   

We love to get our creative juices flowing when designing and developing exciting new elements for our world-class eventing tools and platforms. It’s one of the reasons why our clients choose us again and again – we’ve always got something new to offer. 

This year is no different, and we are excited to reveal what we’ve been working on…

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QR Code Contactless Check-In

The QR code is such a helpful tool that can be applied to so many aspects of an event, big or small. This year we are launching our new QR code contactless check-in system. 

This system will allow attendees to simply scan a unique event QR code upon arrival or online, and complete their check-in without the need to queue or make unnecessary contact with others. This check-in will also save our clients and our onsite support teams a lot of time during events – not to mention the stress it will undoubtedly eliminate!

Networking For Attendees 

Networking is only as effective as setting a date for that first meeting. What if there was a way for you to turn those “I’ll call you’s” into “I’ll see you’s” without the fuss of remembering to schedule a post-event meeting?

We are very excited about our new networking platform that will allow attendees to connect and set up meetings with each other once the event is over. Instead of going through the effort of exchanging contact details only to forget to follow up, this tool will allow attendees to schedule that first post-event meeting before they even leave the venue.   

Redesigned Emailer

Our emailer tools are already amazing. But we are always looking for opportunities to add elements that make them more attractive, more engaging and trendy. Our emailer tool allows clients to choose between building beautiful mailers for their event from scratch or using one of our handy templates. This year, our redesigned version will also allow them to add rich media like GIFs and videos. This is another way that our tools can help our clients connect with their attendees on a more personal level.

Onsite Support Improvements  

While our platforms are ideal and convenient for simple, seamless pre-event registration and attendee processing, onsite event support still needs to run just as smoothly. In terms of our onsite support tools and resources, this year, we are improving how we manage attendee registrations and onsite RSVPs with the following:  

  • Name badges for guests 
  • Checking guests into event sections
  • Onsite support team helping attendees with app downloads and anything else they need on the say

New And Improved Progressive Web App

We understand that not every delegate wants to download additional apps, or they might not own the kind of device they need to access apps like our event app. With this in mind, we still want to allow attendees to access event content safely and conveniently.

Our new and improved progressive web app is easy to use on any device and takes minutes to load once the site content is ready. It will allow attendees to view all the content that would otherwise be available on our event app and still feel like they are part of what is happening on the day. 

Watch this space for more information on these new updates and features soon!

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