What did we do and how did we communicate urgent alerts before this feature?

For those who haven’t used this before, push notifications are instant messages sent to guests via the Flock app. Guests don’t have to be actively using the app, or even be using their devices in order to get these instant messages – they pop up automatically on the user’s home screen. This means it’s much more accessible (and reliable) for everyone – as long as you have the guest’s cellphone number (which is easy to get via our customisable RSVP form when guests are registering for the event), you can send them notifications.

Push Notifications have proven to be a big favourite with our clients, as they can send out instant messages to guests, alerting them to urgent changes on the agenda, venue details, new speakers, exhibition promotions, and so on. The major benefit of this feature is the ability to schedule messages ahead of time on the Flock Platform System – this saves event organisers plenty of time as notifications go out automatically at the scheduled times. If you do have any urgent information to communicate, unscheduled notifications can be sent out immediately at the click of a button.

Both Custom Branded and Event Listings within the Flock App provide this feature – free of charge. Instead of sending out urgent messages only,  these can also be used to promote products or offers, improve customer experience and drive users to other marketing channels, such as social networks.

Before push notifications, event organisers sent notifications via email, SMS and announced through the venue PA system. This approach was generally time-consuming or noisy, and a nightmare for event organisers, so we think our option is much better (naturally!).

For more information on how to communicate more effectively with your attendees and teams at your events through our mobile event apps and event management platform, get in touch with us for a demo or a quote, or watch our short video. We’re sure you will be impressed with what we can do for your next event!

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