The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it, year-end functions and celebrations! 2020 has put us all through the wringer and the way we work, socialize and celebrate has changed — perhaps indefinitely. That doesn’t mean you can’t throw an amazing celebration! Flock Eventing Platform makes it possible for you to throw a virtual year-end function with an exciting programme and fun ways to virtually connect.

We’ve put together some tips and ideas on how to get the most from your virtual year-end venue so that you can celebrate the end of the work year and bring your employees together.

Choose the best virtual venue for your guests

Flock offers a variety of online venues, each with specific features that allow your guests to interact with the event programme in different ways. Your choice of venue will depend on your goals for the function. If your aim to host a conference-style event, where people take turns to speak and engage with guests, an Online Conference will best suit your needs. You will be able to encourage interaction via the online chatrooms and can provide multimedia and downloadable resources that your guests can engage with. Online conferences can also include both live-stream and pre-recorded elements. Why not host a round of office Bingo? You can provide your guests with downloadable sheets and encourage them to answer and engage in the chatroom!

Bring people together with an MC

Make sure you have someone who is controlling the programme for the day. Your guests must always feel seen and validated in the virtual space so that they remain interested and in-the-know of what is going on and continue to participate. Having an MC will help with the flow of your event and will also help keep spirits high! Remember virtual events are unknown spaces for many and having someone to guide you through the new terrain is vital.

Get people chatting!

One of the many benefits of hosting a virtual event is the increased opportunity for networking and engagement via the online chatrooms. Flock’s Mobile App makes it easy to chat to multiple people at once with group chats, while still being able to engage in one-on-one chat conversations. Try and make time for networking opportunities, or even plan a game that requires your guests to assemble into groups. How about hosting an Office Quiz? You could create some fun rivalry across departments and make sure people remain engaged and connected!

Build excitement and ask your guests what they want

You want your event to be well-attended and for people to get excited about it! The guests are the main focus of any event, but when hosting a virtual event, make sure they feel extra special and appreciated by tailoring the event to their needs and desires. Flock’s Mobile App allows you to access a variety of interactive features that can help you gauge what your guests are wanting from the event. You can use polls and surveys to ask your guests what they would like their year-end function to look like, virtually. Create polls leading up to the event asking which theme your guests would prefer, or which games they want to play. This can also help build hype leading up to the function!

Just because your year-end function looks a bit different, doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun or engaging. Flock Eventing Platform is passionate about bringing people together and creating meaningful connections in the virtual world and provides easy-to-use software to make that happen.

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