One of our current favourite trends being mentioned in the industry is Live Streaming Events, and we have a couple of reasons why we love it. Live Streaming is about being able to record one (or multiple) sessions at events, and having those streamed live to an online platform that is integrated with a channel where attendees can access this live stream.

Having the ability to live stream your event can come with a multitude of perks such as the chance to charge an “entry fee” to the event without requiring or having to cater for the physical attendance of the guest. This is a perk for the guest as well, where they can have access to all the knowledge and insights from being at the event without having to travel physically to the conference center, city, town or country where it is being held.

Other benefitsof live streaming is that suddenly the general online presence of your event or conference can be amplified even more. People will already be accessing the event online, so the likelihood of sharing on social media or the incentives to share online have a higher probability of success.

Your event also gains in credibility as the newer generations feel that you are catering towards them and their needs of attending an event “on-the-go”. If they still have the ability to interact and engage with the event through the event app, and they don’t physically have to be present, then they easily get the best of both worlds.

Live Streaming your event when other events aren’t doing that is a unique selling point all on its own. It is not always easy to stand out from the crowd in the events space, but having technological advances that other events don’t have is a sure way to make yourself known at this stage – particularly if there is incentive for attendees to gain that knowledge online at a cheaper rate than attending physically.

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