We’ve done a lot over the last few months and had a ton of variety with the virtual events we are doing. We felt it would be apt to put together a full showcase to show event organisers the capabilities. On the 23rd of September, we will hold the first Flock showcase of virtual events where we will skim through the multitude of various productions we’ve been a part of. If you’d like to pre-register to attend, please click HERE.

We will be covering events held over the last 5 months, and they vary in format and size. It ranges from multi-day events to short morning or evening galas, provincial or national events, and events linking speakers and attendees from all over the world. Some have been formal, with more complex registration gathering important details from guests, whilst others have been informal, with memorable audience engagement tactics, live entertainment, and even a treasure hunt. We’ve had events that required websites with streaming, a full exhibition walkthrough, virtual conference with avatars or a full virtual reality experience whilst others have been complex breakaway sessions with a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions. We hosted events for large corporates, and even had university open days. Each event we are a part of has such a unique footprint and we are looking forward to sharing some more virtual event insights with you.

In a special feature prepared for this showcase, we have taken our usual Calley’s Tips & Tricks section and amplified it in true Flock style, to share as much as we can from our entire team, so you can take your event to the next level.

Want to get in touch for a demo? Click here, or email hello@flockplatform.com for more info on putting together your virtual events.

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