If you are in events, there is no doubt you will know about Meetings Africa as one of the biggest events and conferences in its industry.

Meetings Africa, the premier trade show for the business events and meetings industry, is arguably one of the most well-known shows held in South Africa and was the biggie this month & Flock supplied the digital, custom-branded mobile app for all attendees.

The mobile event app housed all event information including a news feed with the latest updates social pages; all speaker, exhibitor, attendee and general information; as well as all documents; floor plans, photos and videos; and even an interactive, instant survey for feedback from guests, all populated wth the event planning software part of Flock Eventing Platform’s system.

A major aspect of the Meetings Africa event, and what has been pioneered by them and the Event Greening Forum since 2011, is being mindful and conscious of being green throughout, which is why the mobile event app and digital planning of the event was so important. The event showcases Africa’s diverse offering of services and products in an exhibition where African associations and African meetings industry professionals can partner to help transform the African continent. There are also various conferences and workshops being held throughout the event.

The vast reduction in printing programmes, general information documents and other important documents to distribute enabled the event organising team to make last-minute changes when they needed, to save on their print budget, and to save the environment.

Meetings Africa pioneered event greening since 2011. From transport to energy, they have successfully accomplished much in this environmentally conscious initiative. By using our event management platform and mobile event app, their attendees were given access to the latest in technology for events with the homegrown solution, built specifically for business events and conferences such as this.

Download the app here:

Android: http://bit.ly/2CjLFZy

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iOS: https://apple.co/2EvmYLd

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