Planning and orchestrating an event is a mammoth task. Juggling a seemingly endless to-do list, multiple vendors, and myriad logistical considerations make pulling off a successful event (sanity intact) almost impossible if you’re not equipped with the right tools.

The good news is, planning an event doesn’t have to have you reaching for the rescue remedy when you’re armed with end-to-end event planning software. From sending out a ‘Save the Date’, to analysing post-event data and everything in between, a smart event planning system simplifies and streamlines the entire process. Still need some convincing that an all-in-one event management tool is your saving grace? Read on to see how event planning software benefits you, your team, and importantly, your events.


  1. Simplifies and streamlines the entire event planning and execution process

Chances are, you’re using a handful of different project management tools to tackle various event planning tasks. But the problem with using one tool for sending RSVPs, another for guest list management and yet another for mobile app management is that sooner or later, things fall through the cracks. The result? You spend even more time (and many a sleepless night) manually piecing together the many slices of the event planning pie.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Event planning software allows you to orchestrate your entire event – from beginning to end – in one place. From conceptualising your event and creating a dedicated event website, to sending guests live updates and conducting post-event surveys, all the tools you need are at your fingertips.


  1. Facilitates seamless collaboration between the entire event planning team

In an ideal world, your event planning team would telepathically know what was required of them, when. Unfortunately, humans have yet to master mind-reading, which means that coordinating a team can quickly become an onerous undertaking. Add in tight deadlines and demanding clients and you have a recipe for disaster. Event management software eliminates the headache. By acting as a central repository for all planning collateral, all team members can access the information they need, when they need it. Broken telephone becomes a thing of the past as live updates eradicate the chance of duplicated (or worse, lost) data. The result? Your team can work smarter and faster to pull off an event that’s a resounding success.


  1. Communicating with your guests becomes (virtually) effortless

Seamless communication with your guests across a variety of channels is a benchmark of superior events. But getting this right can be time consuming if you’re switching between multiple platforms each requiring their own logins and technical know-how. The answer to this dilemma is simple: event management software that integrates a mobile app. Keep guests in the loop from the get-go via multiple channels including email, SMS, social platforms and in-app push notifications. Best of all? You can manage and create these multiple messaging campaigns from one, centralised dashboard.


  1. Facilitates a superior attendee experience

When you’re using event management software that incorporates a mobile event app, all guest-facing event information is housed digitally. Agendas, maps, fellow attendee information, social media feeds and additional event content are a mere screen swipe away. The result? Guests can access all the information they need quickly and easily, via the device in the palm of their hand. (Read more about why your event should be mobile-centric, here.)


  1. Encourages attendee participation and engagement

It’s no secret that the more interactive an event, the more engaging it is. And when an event is truly engaging, attendees form an emotional connection to your brand. Guests transform from passive attendees into active participants – a crucial differentiating factor between an event that’s soon forgotten, and one that resonates long after the fact. Tapping into event app features such as live polling, Q&As, gamification, and networking capabilities enables you to create an event that provides tangible value to every single guest.


  1. Reduces your carbon footprint

As corporate event attendees become increasingly environmentally conscious, events that champion environmentally cognisant tactics are favoured over those that don’t. While some aspects, such as long-distance travel, for example, are out of your control, event planning software eradicates one major environmental impact of an event: the amount of paper you need. By digitising all of your event collateral, you forgo having to print out reams of paper that aren’t only costly from an environmental perspective, but from a budgetary point of view too.


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