It doesn’t matter how Old School you are, you have to admit: technology makes life better. 

Whether it’s an app, a program, a gadget, a system or software, well-designed technology has a way of making work, play and day-to-day life simpler, faster, and less stressful.

The eventing industry is beginning to embrace technology and all the possibilities it holds to take events to new levels. Event planners are harnessing the power of tech to streamline their planning, simplify admin and communication, and elevate and enhance the event experience.     

So, which technologies are event planners loving right now? Let’s unpack 10 that are making waves in the event industry…

Here Are 10 Event Technologies That Will Make Your Next Event Amazing.

Registry Website

Creating an event website with registration and check-in functionality is one of the easiest ways to use tech to your advantage. Not only does it make your life easier from an administrative perspective, but it makes it convenient for attendees to register and check in to your event from anywhere in the world via their smartphone or computer. An event website is also ideal to communicate all your event details from one user-friendly interface.

Personalised Experiences 

Personalisation is a simple and effective way to connect better with your delegates. You have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by making your attendees feel special, as though your event was tailored just for them. How? By using data from your previous events, with the help of registration systems, surveys, social media, mobile apps, and other tools. Information like demographics and behaviour can be powerful resources to personalise your attendees’ experiences. From personalised event badges to exclusive merch, there are plenty of ways to add that special touch. 

WhatsApp ChatBot

WhatApp chatbot is a great way to use the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to connect with your guests and answer their event-related questions. Delegates would simply chat with your WhatsApp chatbot via the messaging interface, like they would with a real person. It would provide a set of automated replies that resemble a real human conversation. Used correctly, this tech would significantly reduce the amount of time your team spends answering emails and fielding phone calls.

QR Codes

The humble QR code can be a great tech resource for your event. Here are just a few useful ways to make the most of them:

  • Scan attendees to connect with each other 
  • Put a QR code on your website, social channels or business cards to boost your event app downloads
  • Share via email newsletters and take people straight to your event landing page
  • Share the event WiFi details with ease
  • Print QR codes on team t-shirts to make on-the-day registration a breeze
  • Share links to post-event surveys
  • Use QR codes to give delegates access to exclusive discounts on event merchandise, upcoming events, food, coffee, etc.

Contactless Check-in 

Safe, fast and secure, contactless check-in tools like QR codes can significantly speed up on-the-day registrations by:

  • Bypassing the face-to-face phase
  • Preventing queues 
  • Minimising contact with pens, paper, hands, etc.
  • Helping you stick to your event schedule  

Engagement Software 

Looking for ways to connect with your delegates better? Why not use the power of technology to bridge the gap? Tech can make events extra fun thanks to the use of engagement software, including:

  • Live Polling
  • Touch screen surveys with prizes
  • Word clouds
  • Scratch ‘n win digital cards

Event App

Eventing apps are key to the future of event planning. An all-inclusive event app will help you streamline your event planning from start to finish. A good app will allow you to seamlessly track all relevant event information at the click of a button. Flock’s Mobile Event App allows you to:

  • Create customised, on-brand event invites
  • Design beautiful event mailers
  • Plan, organise, and manage all your event content, like presentations, media files, location maps, etc.
  • Make real-time updates as your event progresses

Streaming Software 

Now that we’re in the digital age, people can easily attend events from anywhere in the world without setting foot in the building. Good streaming software is a must for any brand running an in-person or virtual event. The right software will ensure seamless, glitch-free streaming for your guests. Good streaming software will allow you to connect a camera and mic, record video, and even give you access to some video editing features.

Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality can add a fun, interactive twist to your next event. Augmented reality tech allows you to add certain layers to real-life settings, much like Pokemon GO, SnapChat filters, etc. Here are some ideas:

  • Add additional sensory features to certain aspects of your event using devices, headsets, or glasses
  • Use AR to add a unique edge to your attendee name tags or your team’s business cards: delegates can view them using their smartphones
  • Event photobooths can be extra fun with AR functionality that allows guests to change up backgrounds, filters and animations

Concierge Robots

You might think robots are a thing of the distant future, but robotic tech is already making waves in the hospitality industry – all in the name of improving guest experience. Concierge robots can be a truly unique, memorable way to host your delegates. Programmed with all relevant event-related information, concierge robots would free up your team from the intensity of in-person check-ins and help personalise your guests’ experience at your event.

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