There are a number of aspects that go into hosting a successful event. From planning, execution, to post-event feedback management, there is a lot to get done. One of the most vital elements you need to manage is the event registrations process. It is crucial to know who will be attending your event and to have their contact details on hand should you need to communicate any changes or additional information. At Flock, we believe that using technology is a great way of ensuring success. There are many benefits to using an electronic event registration solution instead of  managing RSVPs manually, the obvious benefits being it saves you time and money. It is a lot less admin intensive as the system does the heavy lifting and you’re left with a streamlined list of attendees and their details. One huge benefit of using a digital event registration solution is that your attendees’ information is kept secure. This is essential in terms of the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act. The act specifies that if you’re collecting people’s data it must be stored securely and you must do your due diligence to protect it. This is much easier to do with password protected digital tools. Our RSVP suite helps you create interest in your event, capture registrant and attendee information, send custom branded invitee emails and manage the entire process from a single, easy to use platform. Flock’s RSVP platform offers a custom event website page, email builder to streamline event communication, attendee and invitee data management as well as analytics.

Our RSVP Platform has the following features:

  • Registration fields to capture attendees’ information
  • Embedded Q&A and/or chat functionality
  • The ability to send mailers to attendees
  • SMS functionality
  • Website builder
  • Live streaming

It allows you to display your:

  • FAQs
  • Maps
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors
  • Event info
  • Documents
  • Programme
  • Photos and videos
  • Exhibitors and organisations

Flock’s event registration software is user-friendly and it empowers organisers to manage attendee data seamlessly and securely. Our RSVP Platform does more than just digitally record your RSVPs. It allows you to capture key attendee information – such as demographics and interests – that can help you curate personalised event experiences for them now and in the future. The registration form can be tailored to include specific questions that will help event organisers to customise their event experience according to the personal interests of each guest. With Flock Eventing Platform’s RSVP Event Suite, you will start your event management process a few steps ahead. Flock Eventing Platform allows you to manage your event registrations seamlessly, while keeping attendee data secure.

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