The popularity of virtual events has been increasing in the past few months since global lockdowns and the traditional way of searching for venues to host events have changed.

Even when hosting virtual events, spending some time searching for venues is still required to ensure the event is professional and that it provides the look and feel that you as an event planner, are carefully crafting.

With virtual events, there are generally 3 types of “venues” that help set the scene for your event: Virtual backgrounds, physical studios with green screens for speakers to present from, and natural/staged backgrounds.

  1. The most affordable, easy, but creative option from the 3 tends to be virtual backgrounds. These allow the speaker or host to display an image or video as a background during the event. On selected platforms you can upload your own images or videos as virtual backgrounds and, to keep your event professional and avoid different backgrounds from different speakers, organisers can send speakers background images of various scenery (serious or more playful), or branded with the event’s branding.
  2. Going to a studio to record or broadcast the event live may be expensive, but it is worth it for the most professional production for your audience. Studios are essentially fully-equipped production and broadcast studios that facilitate webcasting and virtual event design, and they provide a higher production value for virtual and hybrid events. There are endless possibilities for event planners to be able to host virtual events with backgrounds or “venues” inspired by New York, Beijing or even the clouds.
  3. Natural or staged backgrounds – These are most frequently used by most presenters where there is a staged background, but often for event organisers there is a lack of control as to what that background will look like. This may not be a big concern for most event organisers, but those that want to create a more uniform and professional feel may ask that speakers choose a plain/coloured background, or one that has, for instance, a bookshelf with interesting items as the audience’s eyes do wander around the screen as speakers are presenting.

In the third episode of our webinar series held on the 10th of June, Flock CEO Mike Lysko started the webinar by introducing attendees to a world of virtual venues or backgrounds. He showed attendees the endless possibilities for event planners when it comes to virtual events. Virtual venues introduce attendees to different worlds and allow the imagination of planners to be brought to life.

Some advantages of virtual events by going to a studio or sending around backgrounds are:

  • The studio will have a team of AV professionals, producers, or experts in virtual event tech — that oversee every part of the event broadcast. This means that you as the event organiser do not have to deal with the technical stuff.
  • Virtual event backgrounds provide more branding opportunities for event organisers to showcase their brand or that of sponsors.
  • With virtual venues you can transport your attendees to any part of the world and keep them interested, and really show your creativity.

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